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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Review of Frenzy!

So...I know that I promised and everything, but Frenzy has just been given a very excellent review by the lovely Andrew Richardson.

"[Frenzy] is true horror, but anyone looking at the cover and expecting to see the thrust of the story being the characters bloodied and devoured by sharks and other marine nasties is going to be disappointed. Or perhaps pleased, because although big fish add to the effect, this story takes you into the true fears lurking in the recesses of the characters.

Johnstone has put together a mishmash of people, cleverly using characters who play off each other to increase the tension...The story pulls no punches in playing on the character’s relationships. It is very raw and maybe near to the knuckle in places, a feeling helped by the stark writing style and the decent pacing.

All in all, this doesn’t read like a first stand-alone release. Frenzy is a mature-looking work from a writer who clearly enjoys the craft and who hits the keyboard with confidence."

For the full review, check out my News & Reviews page.

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