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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Another Frenzy Review!

Bit of a belated post this...

The BookWenches have written a fantastic review of Frenzy, and have very kindly posted it on Amazon too.

Here's an excerpt:

"Carole Johnstone’s novella Frenzy is a tense, horrifying, and very well-written foray into a world of terror. This is the kind of horror story that makes you hold your breath, turn the pages quicker, hope desperately for a glimmer of light, and fear that there will be none.

One wouldn’t think that a story about eight men floating in the middle of nowhere in a life raft would be all that interesting. One would be dead wrong. This story gripped me soundly by the throat from the very first page, s
hook me around a little bit just to make sure I was good and rattled, and held me tight until the bitter end. It left me stirred up, shocked, and not just a little saddened. And all I can say is …wow. Excellent job, Ms. Johnstone. I look forward to whatever you have to offer us next. If it is anywhere close to as well-done as Frenzy is, we’ll be in for a treat."

Visit either my News & Reviews link or the BookWenches website for the full review in all of its glory (she says, frantically resisting any mention of 'lovely')

P.S. Search Inside facility now up and running on Amazon for Frenzy. So now you can try before you buy--which you would be doing regardless, naturally.

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