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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Black Static #13

The 13th issue of the fantabulous Black Static managed to sneak past the posties and their oil drums this morning, to make it to my doormat.

While I look forward to getting any BS issue, this one was a biggie, because not only do I have a story featured (Dead Loss, p20), but the lovely Pete Tennant has reviewed Frenzy as part of a novella item in his Case Notes Blog.

And the review is terrific. It's a fairly long way past terrific...
See excerpt below:

'There are echoes in this story, of an episode of the TV show Outer Limits and also of the old joke about different nationalities stranded together in a life raft, reflected here in the dramatis personae of the novella. Hints too of Jaws, and just about every other Hollywood slice of shark fare, of the sea stories of William Hope Hodgson, and of Lost and reality TV in the resolution that is eventually provided. But Johnstone is her own woman and takes this familiar material in a new and unexpected direction.
'[Frenzy] is a bravura performance, and one that is absolutely gripping, as the layers of Pete's psyche are stripped away…and everything revealed is tainted with the curse of the unreliable narrator, the one who hides not only from the reader but from himself.
'Frenzy is Johnstone's first novella and it is an impressive debut at this length, one that speaks of a bright future.'
© Peter Tennant, Black Static #13, TTA Press

You can read the full review in all of its wonderful glory on pg 30 of the magazine, alongside 12 other novellas, whose authors include Peter Crowther, Joseph D'Lacey, Andrew Hook, Stephen Volk and Peter Finch.

Pete also asked the reviewees what we considered to be our favourite novellas, and you can find the answers on the Case Notes blog on the TTA website. A pretty hard choice as it goes...

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