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Friday, 22 January 2010

Reviews, reviews...

Okay, so a longish Christmas break...

A few more reviews of Frenzy have popped up since I last posted:

The first from Spinetinglers:

'...I was absolutely thrilled when I read this book. Frenzy eerily encapsulates all the elements required from a tale such as this. These eight men go through all the emotions that this situation demands--paranoia, treachery, hope, longing, realisation, and most grippingly of all, fear.

In short, Frenzy is an intense thriller with a supernatural twist, and if like me, you were disappointed with the story of the USS Indianapolis, because it was never realised in a book or film, then read Frenzy, because the author, Carole Johnstone, brings to life this situation with her own unique style.

In fact, Frenzy is a transcendent horror tale that will take hold of your imagination and not let you go until the very last page!'

See the whole review here or on my News & Reviews page

Another from the lovely Colin Hersh, which can be found on Will Jacques Ghastly Door site (check out Will's amazing artwork while you're there!):

"...[Frenzy] has an ever growing feel of desperation and foreboding that leads to a tension filled climax. The characters and their interactions are top notch, and the scenes are presented to the reader crystal clear so that you can really see it in your mind. It’s fast paced, with no speed bumps slowing down the momentum, and leaves you wanting more. Many writers who put out a lot of books haven’t been able to pull off these things I’ve mentioned nearly so well as Carole has done with this one, and I’d say she has a lot of good books in her future."
© Colin Hersh

See the whole review here or on my News & Reviews page

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