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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Review of Black Static #18

The brilliant D. F. Lewis has reviewed Black Static #18 on his Weirdmonger blog.

"...[Between A Rock and a Hard Place] is a remarkable tightly threaded threnody of staccato surrogate stalking. The prose is pitch perfect. And its ending also strangely relates to the 'aquarium' in the previous story. More dead loss bottom-fishing in the urban storm. It's Ramsey Campbell but with Garrison Church bells on. I loved it!!!!"
© D.F. Lewis

One of the best reviews that I've ever had the pleasure of reading, thanks Des!
You can read the full review here.


  1. ...agreed...terrific, unnerving details...good stuff!

  2. Thanks, Paul. Really enjoyed Give Me More Eyes for Nakedness. Although don't know that 'enjoyed' was the right word...!

  3. Thanks for reading it Carole! More to come hopefully... I keep thinking of your vivid story as I walkthrough Camberwell at night. A great experience in fear. Agreed with the Ramsey Campbell paranoia comparison, though not sure if you do?