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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Catching Up

Well, it's been a shamefully long time since I updated my blog. And a shameful 5-ish weeks since FantasyCon. At the risk of sounding a bit redundant now...

FCon was fantastic. Although only my 2nd, I can understand why people make the effort to attend the annual BFS bash every year. Was able to meet many more people--especially good to catch up with those I'd met already, and to finally be able to put names to new faces/voices too. Didn't feel at all like an outsider this time. And I think people underestimate the value of actually speaking/meeting/(that horrible word) networking with people in the flesh, rather than via forums and email. Not to mention the insights you can get from panels and watching other (braver) writers read their their own work.

Was lucky enough to take part in two launches/book signings: PS Publishing's Catastrophia and Gray Friar Press' Never Again. These launches meant a very big deal to me, not least because when attending my first FCon last year,I made a wee promise to myself that the next time I'd be on that table with the tablecloth and free vino. Both those anthos made that possible. Many thanks to Lisa Tuttle, Nina Allan, Douglas Thompson and Stuart Young for keeping me excellent company at both! My resolution this year was to be at the very least long-listed for the BFS awards next year - you never know, right?

In other news, the excellent Pete Tennant and his equally excellent Case Notes, focussed on reviewing anthologies in BS #19. Of those, three of my shorts were favourably featured:
Stamping Ground in Gray Friar Press' Where The Heart Is
Machine in Gray Friar Press' Never Again
Dead Loss in Night Shade Books' Best Horror of The Year Vol.2

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