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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Also Ran...

So, the Aeon Award...

I make the final 24 and I think: that's pretty good news, but don't go obsessing about it (cue much obsessing)

I make the final 6 and I think that's bloody brilliant news, but don't go obsessively checking Albedo One's website every five minutes for the results (cue much checking and obsessing)

Did I make the top 3? Did I heck. Don't know why I do it to myself...:-)


  1. Hi Carol. I completely understand. I recently reached the final 8 in the Writers of the Future contest. I kept telling myself no way would I make the final 3. No way. But a little voice kept saying "maybe this is your time..." Was it my time? Nah. Course not. What was I thinking? :)

    Congratulations for making the final shortlist. That's an awesome achievement right there.

  2. Thanks, Lee. Good to know I'm in good company!