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Friday, 25 March 2011

Dark Minds Press; Bury The Truth

So, it's out and available here.

I returned from holiday to find my copy waiting for me on the doormat....I don't often sit down to read anthos that I'm in straight away, but am already more than halfway through.

I know that Ross Warren and Anthony Watson worked really hard on this, and for a first foray into small press publishing, it's impressive. I'm very glad that I was able to be involved, and really chuffed by how it's turned out.

Also the wonderful Des Lewis has just finished a Real-Time Review of the book, which says very nice things (obviously, the quote I'm going to put in here is all about me!):

" the last two years or so I have become a fan of Carole Johnstone’s fiction, so I already expected something special with this story...And [Bury The Truth] is your vision of what your own death process is like as a delivery, when the mid-wife is yourself (my words, not Johnstone’s), with insidious things like Their or Them or They – all in upper case like God with His ‘He’ and ‘Him’ — waiting to share your witnessing of your own death in and out of character. A League or Company of those in the Dantean know… The Johnstone is extremely frightening, yet fulfilling, as a separate story. I need say no more, I feel."

© D. F. Lewis

To see the full review, go here.

The antho may also be coming out in Kindle format at a later date.


  1. Thanks for mentioning the anthology Carole - and thanks too for a superb story to book-end the collection.

  2. Just got a sneak peak of the BS 22 review and Peter Tennant singles your story out as his favourite :-)

  3. A very late thank you , guys! The book's doing brilliantly - you should be really chuffed :-)