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Monday, 1 April 2013

BS#33 Reviews

Some lovely reviews of Signs of the Times (so my computer is safe for now...)

The inimitable D.F. Lewis over at his Nullimmortalis site:

"Out of the stories by this author I’ve read, this is her masterpiece so far. And that, of course, says it’s helluva special. A novelette that conjures up the ‘genius loci’ of dereliction and docks on the edge of the North Sea...There is so much to speak about with reference to this important work that I’d end up filling a book myself about it. About dog-heads who once peopled the past." See whole review here.

And Jim McLeod over at Ginger Nuts of Horror:

"Signs of The Times, gets the prize for the discovery of the issue. In this intriguing story about the return of the Dog Faced men, the narrative moves from a heartwarming story about a friendships across the barricades,  to a story about the End of Days seamlessly.
See whole review here.

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