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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Cold Turkey

Another brill review; this one from Gareth Jones at Dread Central:

"Cold Turkey is one hell of a read. Johnstone's prose is consistently lively and engaging throughout, speckled with moments of wonderfully dark comedy. The sense of place is palpable.

Bringing the...tale to life are Johnstone's brilliant side characters, most notably Raym's fellow teachers and the bullish headmaster who commands his staff with the same overbearing, belittling tone that he does the children...

...Best of all though is the villanous Top Hat, who is brought to life so vividly that his every stretched grin fills the mind's eye with ease. He's creepy, frightening and just sheer nasty - a brilliant character, realised impeccably...

Cold Turkey is an excellent novella, and highly recommended."
© Gareth Jones

Yeah, I'll take that!

See full review here

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