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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Interzone #248

I love Interzone, and am so chuffed to have a story in it for the second time, when I'd long thought I'd be lucky to appear in it even once.

Sci-fi isn't particularly my 'thing', and Ad Astra is definitely proper sci-fi (in a way that God of the Gaps perhaps wasn't), so it was a bit of a labour of love.  It's a novellete too, and it's accompanied by possibly the best illustration of any of my published stories. I know I nearly always say that, but bear with me:

Wayne Haag's artwork is wonderful. He's worked in the movie industry, on films like The Fifth Element, Lord of the Rings and Wolverine, and his landscape oil paintings are just beautiful. I couldn't wait to see what he came up with for Ad Astra and I definitely wasn't disappointed. I love it.

Interzone #248 is available here.